precision measuringu003cbru003e

Your project is in good hands with our skilled workers who share our eye for meticulous detail.

canadian red cedaru003cbru003e

We only use the highest quality cladding, which won't bow, distort or be full of knots & look horrid in a year or two

search for the best optionu003cbru003e

Following our consultation you'll be offered the best option to suit your needs so you don't have to waste hours searching

you choose where it goes u003cbru003e

Pick the favourite spot or preferred location in your garden & we'l build it there!

Old shed, tree or bush in the way? No probs

we'll do the paperworku003cbru003e

From start to finish we offer the complete service, so you can relax knowing everything has been dealt with

solution focussedu003cbru003e

Sloped garden? Trees in the way? Old shed to remove?

We're used to dealing with these issues & have solutions for each one

design & build services

Why settle for A Build The Same As Your Neighbours, or an off the shelf product that might not suit your needs entirely?

Just like homeu003cbru003e

You'll not just receive a glorified shed or plastic lined room, each of our projects is built to your specifications & is just like a room inside your home

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Our team have honed their skills within carpentry & other disciplines over the years, having been hand picked to deliver our projects to a high level of detail

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affordable u003cbru003e

We keep our services competitively priced, as a small local buisness we rely on getting referrals, repaeat work & a good name for our honest pricing

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Choose your purpose

Your garden studio is designed to match your needs and the purpose your are looking to use it for, whether it be a pilates studio, home gym, office space or chill out area we can help you to achieve your space dreams

Here is a few of the most popular options we build these for

Home gym

the ideal place to get your sweat on in your own private gym, no more waiting around for people to finish with equipment or leaving their sweat all over the machines

home office

the ideal escape to seperate work and home life so you can get more productive in your craft

peloton studio

where better to spin those pedals than in your own space, away from the rest of the family and nobody comments you're bike is in the way either or Not Being U

pilates / yoga studio

create your own little pocket of peace and find solitude in the garden, stretching out to the sounds of nature

games room

play your games without disturbing everyone else with your online exploits or entertainment area to hang out with friends

case studies

to get a more in depth look at some of the projects we've completed check out the sections below

the luxurious modern home office u003cbru003e

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home gymu0026nbsp; u003cbru003e

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pilates studio u003cbru003e

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home office u0026amp; matching shed u003cbru003e

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home office u0026amp; workshop u003cbru003e

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work studio u0026amp; chill out room u003cbru003e

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Chill out area u0026amp; tv roomu003cbru003e

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office u0026amp; man caveu003cbru003e

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home gym u0026amp; yoga studio u003cbru003e

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Chill out area u0026amp; tv roomu003cbru003e

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meet the parliament

sam gu003cbru003e

Leader of the team and afficiando of all things garden studio based.

Sam loves Carpentry & has a meticulous eye for detail

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Wise, suitably skilled and well rounded across the carpentry and building backgrounds we're able to draw on his years of experience for many a task

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owl garden studios staff

The newest associate to join in, the big dog brings a set of fresh eyes to the table

Keen to grow and evolve with the team

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owl garden studios staff 6

Wonderous at woodwork and all things carpentry based, what this man doesn't know isn't worth knowing

Fully loaded and ready to cut wood at a moments notice

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owl garden studios staff 8

Sharing our enthusiasm for all things garden studio based, he's a perfectionist in prep

Will peck his way through each day listening away

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charlie u003cbru003e

Skilled in a few areas and now choosing to fly with us, Charlie brings a rounded approach.

A can do attitiude & natural problem solver

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Planning, organising & working in a methodical manner is what Andrew is all about.

He keeps the team level headed at even the most challenging times.

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owl garden studios staff 5

Every successful team needs an extra set of hands from the enthusiastic new guy, keen to learn the trade

This is our glamorous assistant

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owl garden studios staff 7

Web based work, computery things and client facing roles are normally where you'll find this one

Switched on & with a smile to boot, please hoot him if you need some help

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owl garden studios staff 12

Fixing things in their rightful place and lending a helping wing where needed is this owls role

Equally as happy back in the nest

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talented team members

happy customers

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